Collaborative Awareness and Group Intelligence

Internet of Things World Forum 2015 Proposal from HYBYCOZO


Fish when schooling exhibit a form of connected communication that is akin to what the internet of things is trying to mimic: intelligent action via invisible sensing networks.

Schooling fish and other animals group together to create connected, fluid, and dazzling maneuvers that help them hunt, mate, and defend against predators. By moving together, they’re sensing and interacting with the world in a different way than if they were alone. The project hopes to bridge connected technology to help humans interact with light and sound in a way that was never possible before.

Our proposal is to allow humans to become a part of the connected sensing experience by entering a grid of floor to ceiling LEDs. People will chose their mode of interaction and collaboration with the experience on their phone and enter into the a dimly lit space. The lights will turn on and off, move, gather, attract, and disperse around a person depending on the setting they enter it in.

The project: Collaborative Commons, Collaborative Awareness.

Infrared cameras and other 'smart' sensors positioned around the ceiling, facing down, that locate humans in the room. The humans, before entering will choose their experience which could include:

  • Schooling fish. Group(s) of fish represented by the LEDs in 3D space. They swim around the room exhibiting flocking behavior. When people enter the space, the fish change their behavior relative to participants' location, I.e. avoidance tactics, chasing tactics, etc. Each fish is aware of the positions of adjacent fish and humans, and respond and communicate to each other.
  • Cellular automaton. Like groups of birds flying in the sky, populations grow, move, and organize themselves based on rules involving information about their local environments. When humans move through the space, they affect the local populations around them.
  • A space for performance art. For example, dancers can choreograph a piece interacting with the above modes. In a mode where flocks form and move around humans in the space, dancers would move enshrouded in light. Another possibility is a visual representation of a musical performance. (Or these two possibilities could be combined.)

We want to create an immersive grid of floor to ceiling LEDs with long, thin, flexible, tendrils containing strips of dense, evenly spaced LEDs, hanging from the ceiling in a dense grid encompassing the whole room similar to Yayoi Kusama Studio Infinity Mirrored Room.

People will chase and be chased, gather and be gathered by the light based on intelligent and aware technology. The goal is to share how awareness and sensory based technology can play with people's movements and ultimately their interactions with the world.